The really clever thing about PocketComms is...

Picture Cards Booklet Fanned (no pouch)

  • Plastic, flexible, recyclable and made in part from already recycled bits  

  • Pocket or handbag sized 16cmx6.5cmx1.5cm

  • Very low tech and easy to use

  • Simple to use whether you are right or left handed

  • Designed to help whatever, age, ability or nationality

  • Recyclable plastic so hard-wearing and waterproof



Its swatch design makes it quick and easy to find the picture you need, just fan it out and see the colour coded pages open out in front of you

If that wasn't enough it's double sided so just flip it over to find another 500+ pictures

We don't use clip art, the hand drawn pictures 
are brilliant, clear and brightly coloured (see if 
you can spot the Artist's cheeky interpretation 
of some every day activities!) 


 Picture Cards Standard Booklet Fanned with pouch


PocketComms in action

I would just like to say what a fantastic idea it is. It has been brilliantly executed. I will be taking mine to Italy in October and will provide feedback.
Ian F, Manchester UK
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