PocketComms proves a hit at CityLit

PocketComms attends Deaf Day, the biggest national event for the deaf

PocketComms At CityLit

Having been described by the British Deaf News as "Language First Aid at your Fingertips" and enjoying strong sales to the deaf community, we were delighted to be invited to the annual Deaf Day event At CityLit in Covent Garden, London.

We were made very welcome and having learnt only a few phrases in sign language we managed to get by using a combination of PocketComms as well as drawing a few phrases in my sketch pad. "What a fantastic idea" we were told more than once. 

What many do not realise is that Sign language is not universal, even in America, where we share a common language, sign language is completely different. PocketComms on the other hand has been designed to be universal whatever language and this was widely accepted and it was pointed out that Pocketcomms was in itself useful for deaf people to communicate with those that don't know sign language like me.

Whilst we where there we met the London Fire service and the Metropolitan Police, who thought PocketComms was a useful tool to help communication and we were able to talk about our Police version, in development and which will also include the British sign language alphabet.

We will definitely be attending deaf day next year as it was great fun and we made some good friends, however I will be furiously learning some more words and phrases in sign language before then.

Deaf day at City Lit

PocketComms in action

Bl**dy useful when you need to get a message across quickly.
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