PocketComms In Use Around The World.

Pictures and stories from around the world submitted by you.

 Ian K, IT Consultant, Mumbai, India

Ian Kelsey, an IT consultant, emailed us to say how useful PocketComms had been on his business trip across India (pictured in Mumbia)

Studying English

Katherine O'Donell, who is doing Missionary Work in Tanzania, sent us this picture saying;

 "The PocketComms proved a useful tool to study English and Swahili

together, as we pointed at different food items and figured out what

they were in our respective languages. I think they enjoyed using it,

and it gave us something to focus our attention on, so all good :-) "

Havana, Cuba

Kaye and I met these really nice guys in Havana, Cuba recently, they where very impressed so much so I left my copy with the chap on the right who was about to go across to Brazil to teach English.

PocketComms in Eygpt

PocketComms came in handy in Egypt whilst haggling over how many camels I could get for my husband!!.



PocketComms in action

Helps "break the ice" and establish a rapport. It will be very useful on future Ops.
SSgt Charles M
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