PocketComms. Truly a picture book that paints 1,000 words.

Have you ever been abroad or even here in the UK and found it difficult to communicate?

Well James Wyatt was one such person one of the millions of us worldwide, so he decided to do something about it. Using the phrase "Because you can't draw to save your life" he has put together thousands of phrases in the form of cartoon pictures to help people on their travels do regular things such as buying a cup of coffee or asking where the nearest chemist is, you simply point at a picture to get your message across.

James Wyatt an Artist and for the past 20 years a professional illustrator, has become known more recently as the British Army’s only "combat cartoonist".... “I thought of the Pocketcomms concept during one of my many trips abroad, it really all started when I tried to communicate to a group of teenagers in Kabul, Afghanistan, I took out my pen and notepad and started drawing, soon I had a large crowd of curious onlookers asking questions to which I could draw a reply. I have found that wherever I have traveled around the world I can get an idea across by drawing a picture, it just made sense to me to put a collection of these drawings together so that others could do so too”

James wanted it to be waterproof, recyclable, yet hardwearing and more importantly easy to use for people off all ages, abilities and nationalities.

He has achieved all of these with PocketComms. Its double sided ‘swatch’ style means you just fan it out and flip it over to quickly to find the page you need. The colour coded edges make it very simple to use and easy to remember.

PocketComms was an obvious choice of name because James wanted it to fit in your pocket, help you communicate quickly and has worked very hard to make it ‘pocket money’ priced.

 “The more people I have told about the concept, the more it has gone bananas, It is a great visual product, cool, easy to use and low tech.”

Just to give PocketComms some more real life uses, James is deaf in one ear ( from a gunfire in the Army ) and has empathy with the hard of hearing. "I was astonished to discover that sign language is not international, so people who are hard of hearing find it extremely difficult to communicate when going abroad,  I hope that our product will help people gain more confidence to travel further and more adventurously than before.

PocketComms in action

Helps "break the ice" and establish a rapport. It will be very useful on future Ops.
SSgt Charles M
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