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PocketComms Limited has spent a great deal of time and energy developing innovative products for our customers. So its not surprising that we are very careful about protecting the ideas, designs and inventions that make our unique products possible. The ways in which we have done this, some of which are summarised below, represent our intellectual property. We take our intellectual property very seriously. In the event that our intellectual property is infringed by a third party we will take whatever means are at our disposal to protect our intellectual property rights. 

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) PocketComms is a member of Anti Copying In Design (ACID). ACID is a hard-hitting action group which is committed to fighting copyright, design and patent infringement and theft. ACID's powerful logo has become an internationally recognised symbol of deterrence - actively helping to protect its members. ACID provides its members with free legal advice, assisting them to react rapidly and forcefully against any intellectual property infringements. ACID members have concluded numerous successful legal actions against third parties that have infringed their intellectual property rights. 

Patents PocketComms Products are designed and produced to make them as unique and innovative as possible. We have Patent Pending on our inventions. These rights permit us to stop third parties from using our inventions. They also grant us legal rights in the event that anybody infringes these inventions. 

Design Right Our products are protected by Design Right. To ensure that we can enforce our rights under Design Right we will register all of our designs with ACID, thereby creating independent evidence of the ownership of our designs and the date of their creation. 

Registered Design We register all of our designs with the patent office. This entitles us to certain legal rights in the event that a third party infringes our designs. 

Copyright Our products are protected by Copyright.

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