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Jim Wyatt

Director and creator/illustrator of the PocketComms concept, served in the Household Cavalry (The Blues and Royals) before attending a Graphics/Illustration degree at Staffordshire University. He has been working as a freelance illustrator/cartoonist for over 20 years.

Jim still serves as a TA member of the British Army's 15(UK) Psychological Operations Group (PSYOPS) working within the print side of what is a multi media capability providing hearts and minds support to the British Army. He has been intimately involved in operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Somalia as well as deploying to Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan as what has been described as the British Army's only "Combat Cartoonist".

Our idea.....

“I thought of the idea during one of my many trips abroad, it all started when I tried to communicate to a group of teenagers in Kabul, Afghanistan, I took out my pen and notepad and started drawing, soon I had a large crowd of curious onlookers asking questions to which I could draw a reply. I found that wherever I have traveled around the world I have been able to get an idea across by drawing a picture, it just made sense to me to put a collection of these drawings together so that others could do so too”

Our superb Team.....

Our development and advisory team consists of members of the British Army Special Forces, the British Army Psychological Operations Group, International Fire, Search and Rescue teams and the British Police Force as well as seasoned business travelers and communications specialists.  (Trial versions are currently in use in Iraq, Afghanistan and by an International Search and Rescue team to further refine what is already a very strong product).

PocketComms in action

I would just like to say what a fantastic idea it is. It has been brilliantly executed. I will be taking mine to Italy in October and will provide feedback.
Ian F, Manchester UK
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