Frequently Asked Questions about PocketComms

What is PocketComms?

PocketComms is an easy to use pictoral communicator. It enables you to use more than 1,000 clearly drawn images to get your message across in any language.

How do I use PocketComms?

PocketComms is split into colour coded categories that enable you to quickly locate any of the thousand clearer drawn images that will help you communicate. The images will clarify exactly what it is you are trying to communicate eliminating the risk of misunderstanding.

Who is PocketComms suitable for?

PocketComms is a handy assistant for anyone struggling to find the right word to communicate, whether thatís while youíre away on holiday, while your conducting business abroad, or just need an extra bit of help in finding the right words to make yourself understood. PocketComms is currently being used by specialist teams from the Armed Forces, International Fire, Search and Rescue teams around the world as well as by the British Police Force to help with any instances where language can become a barrier.
PocketComms helps to communicate in any language, anywhere around the world.
PocketComms Ltd is currently in discussion with members of The British Deaf Association to further develop the PocketComms concept as an aid for those unable to communicate using sign language.

Why do I need one?

PocketComms can help to eradicate all those embarrassing language misunderstandings where you ask for directions to the toilet and end up at the local swimming pool. It also helps in more serious situations when you need emergency treatment or urgent assistance. PocketComms helps to get your message across quickly and clearly without misunderstanding.

What does PocketComms cover?

PocketComms has categories covering most eventualities including health, restaurants, travelling, activities and accommodation. If you think we might have missed a category, then please let us know and we can see about adding a new section.

Can I get one customised?

We are able to produce customised covers for your PocketComms. Weíre also able to produce images for more specialist areas (ie. First Aid, Emergency Services) or we can produce a customised section that deals with your particular business or interests. Please contact us for more details.

Who designed the images?

All our images have been produced by our in-house design team. We donít take images from anywhere else. They are all our own work.

Can I get a job with PocketComms?

We donít currently have any vacancies at PocketComms but weíre always open to new ideas and new personnel that can help push PocketComms forward. If you think youíre that person then please write to us at PocketComms, 162 Canley Road, Coventry, CV5 6AQ or email us at jobs@pocketcomms.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Website

My shopping basket appears to be empty?

If your shopping basket appears to be empty then please try to reorder. If you still have problems then please contact us on Office: 01635 799484 or 07887 694007.

Why do I get redirected to Sage Pay for payment?

By using a third party payment channel we have been able to keep down our set-up costs and therefore keep the cost of PocketComms products to a minimum. It made sense to all at PocketComms to tap into the secure encryption technologies carried by these third party payment providers rather than put your details at risk by attempting to process payments ourselves. For details of Protxís privacy policy please click here.

Is your site secure for transactions?

No financial data is accessibile through the PocketComms website. No-one at PocketComms has access to your card or payment details. All our transactions are conducted through the Sage Pay payment service. Sage Pay uses the latest 128bit encryption technology to keep your financial details safe and secure. To view Protxís security policy click here.

Will my details be released to a third party?

We take your privacy seriously and will therefore not release any of your details to third parties apart from to organisations assisting us to deliver your PocketComms safely and securely to you (eg. Royal Mail or other delivery providers). For more information on how we use your details please view the PocketComms Privacy Policy click here.


PocketComms in action

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