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Helps "break the ice" and establish a rapport. It will be very useful on future Ops.
SSgt Charles M
I just throw it in the bottom of my rucksack as I never know when it might come in handy
Lisa H, Gap year Student, Keele University.
I can see it being very useful to communicate with people who are profoundly deaf and of course for them to use it to talk to people who can't understand sign language.
Kris M, Communications Specialist, UK.
Simple, succinct and seriously useful. I wish Id had this with me during a recent trip overseas. I will certainly have one with me on my next trip.
Sven Hughes,
innovative and so straightforward and practical with next to no learning overhead.
Chris Sexton, Progressive Educational Tools Ltd.
Dead simple and easy to use, an essential piece of kit when traveling.
S Kelly, Plymouth
5 out of 5: "Excellent item, quaility construction. This will certainly be put to good use at work. I especially like the quirkines of the of the people illustrated." Date: 9 May 2009 Rated by Buyer: mivh
Nickname: Mivh
A godsend when you can't speak a word!!! Worth it's weight in gold. Many thanks
R Southgate, Fire Service Engineer, Midlands
My mate had one and I thought, I've got to get me one of those.
Mel M, Coventry
My visit to Britain was helped greatly by having PocketComms at hand. Thank you.
Hieka, Germany.
Innovative, simple and easily understood, It's a great bit of Kit
Sergeant Paul L, West Midlands Police, UK
I was astonished at what good value for money it was.
R.D.T. Jones, LLanelli, South Wales
It's just a confidence thing, it's just kinda nice to know that if you get stuck for words it's in your back pocket.
Carol T, Belfast, Northern Ireland
I have to say, its a bl**dy good bit of kit, I have one and have even used it on the Edgware road!
Whitehorse, Via the ARmy Rumour SErvice forum
We use it to teach the kids foreign words, it's Brill!!!
Lucy B, Cornwall, UK
WOW! I am truly amazed at the way EVERYTHING that one might conceivably wish to communicate (in any country or culture) has been condensed into this handy gadget. And it has been so logically and systematically thought out. It appears that NOTHING has been omitted. (And I'm not someone who is easily impressed.)
Bovvy, via the ARmy Rumour SErvice forum
5 out of 5: "Excellent service, wish they were all like this and the best price for this product on the net!" Date: 4 December 2009 Rated by Buyer: njleadbetter
My wife has difficulty finding words to express herself due to a brain tumour. She is really pleased with the PocketComms. We can now avoid lenghthy games of charades when communicating. Thank you.
Mr Pete W
Bl**dy useful when you need to get a message across quickly.
Captain Sean B, Royal Marines, Afghanistan.
I would just like to say what a fantastic idea it is. It has been brilliantly executed. I will be taking mine to Italy in October and will provide feedback.
Ian F, Manchester UK
"I regularly get out of my tree on a Saturday night: PocketComms is the only reliable way I can get home when speech fails me."
Webber of Windsor
Marvelous! This is a proper and far more versatile version of the simple single sheet thing I once developed to get "truckers from many nations" onto the right parking bays. They loved it and it solved many-a-problem so this should go a long way to helping communicate ideas across the language/hearing barriers we all meet. Well done! As for a police specific version what a great idea.
OffTheCuff, Security Oracle Forum
Just spotted this, I think its a damned fine idea. I may just dip into the old moth filled wallet and get me one!
Not seen one of these before, what a cracking idea.
"I can see the advantages of PocketComms to an Officer and just wish it had been around in my time on the streets it would have saved many an hour hunting around for the Divisional translations book only to find the language needed was not in it!!!!"
Phil S, Retired Police Officer, Cheshire
As I work in healthcare it would be extremely useful when trying to communicate with the hearing impaired, those with speech problems, non nationals etc
Jonnytwocombs, Security Oracle forum
"A truly fantastic product! Great for the hard of hearing/deaf and great in a foreign land! When you cant understand one another! Simple to use..!"
Andrew E at
When going to places where communicating with the locals is an issue these are brilliant, highly recommended....
PocketComm was a jinx! Arrived this morning and by the afternoon dealt with an Asian gentlemen who fell over and twisted his ankle. PocketComms helped break down the language barrier.
Steve S St John Ambulance Volunteer
The Pocket Comms I ordered yesterday from (Jane's Police) Product Review arrived this morning - I'm v-impressed both with the delivery & item
T-D E, PCSO Supervisor South Yorkshire Police
Its a great piece of kit (Police PocketComms), I never leave the Station without it Sgt Danny West, Sussex Police
Sgt Danny West, Sussek Police
If it could enable Police to interview under caution, foreign speaking prisoners, the inventer should receive a Nobel prize. The cost to the UK tax payer of providing interpreters for foreign speaking criminals after they have committed various offences is mind boggling.
Powerball, Security Oracle forum

PocketComms in action

Helps "break the ice" and establish a rapport. It will be very useful on future Ops.
SSgt Charles M
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