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School Nursing PocketComms & Pouch

School Nursing PocketComms is for Nursing use and contains 500+ specifically drawn Nursing related pictures. 

It includes: 

  Internal organs, Asthma, Head Lice, Digestive system 

  Breast Awareness, Bra fitting, Menstrual Chart, Sanitary Products

  Sexual anatomy, Puberty, Contraception, Condom Fitting, STIís 

  Weight Charts, Eat Well Plate, Personal Hygiene  

  Mental Health Depression/Self Harm/Insomnia, Bullying

   Effects of Smoking and Drinking, Drugs and Solvent Abuse 

  Sun Safety Bed Wetting, Parent and Child activities

  Cultural Aide Memoir: Sikhism, Islam, Hindu, Christianity


                                        School Nursing PocketComms is supplied with a robust and durable                                               nylon pouch and duty belt loop

  School Nursing PocketComms has a removable pin, so is also                                                         customisable and editable


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PocketComms in action

My wife has difficulty finding words to express herself due to a brain tumour. She is really pleased with the PocketComms. We can now avoid lenghthy games of charades when communicating. Thank you.
Mr Pete W
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