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Police PocketComms & Pouch

Police PocketComms has been created in partnership with, and now officially endorsed and approved for use by the West Midlands Police and contains 1,000+ specifically drawn Police related pictures. 

It also includes: 

 Braille page and Sign Language (BSL) pages 

 Quick identifier for 70 of the Worlds common languages 

  185 country flags with names 

  Cultural aide memoir: Sikhism, Buddhism, Baha'i, Islam, Hindu, Judaism 

  Pictures and pages numbered for evidential use 

  Customisable and editable

                                        Police PocketComms is supplied with a robust and durable                                                                nylon pouch and duty belt loop

                                        NB: pack includes additional content as requested by other UK Police forces

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PocketComms in action

Just spotted this, I think its a damned fine idea. I may just dip into the old moth filled wallet and get me one!
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