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Military PocketComms & Pouch

Military PocketComms provides additional content to help members of the Armed Forces communicate during more specialist tasks. 

It includes: 

Location and nature of a hazard or threat 

                                        Stop and search instructions 

                                        Mine type & Mine Awareness 

                                        Common weapons and equipment 

            Military PocketComms comes supplied with a hard-wearing                          robust nylon pouch and handy belt loop 

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PocketComms in action

WOW! I am truly amazed at the way EVERYTHING that one might conceivably wish to communicate (in any country or culture) has been condensed into this handy gadget. And it has been so logically and systematically thought out. It appears that NOTHING has been omitted. (And I'm not someone who is easily impressed.)
Bovvy, via the ARmy Rumour SErvice forum
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